Shield SMD Power Inductors [YTSC]

Shield SMD Power Inductors [YTSC]

Part No: YTSC

Size: 5D18, 5D28, 6D28, 6D38

L: 2.6µH-100µH



  1. Product series
  2. Dimensions: Core No.:
  3. Inductance
  4. Tolerance: J:±5%, K:±10%, M:±20%
  5. Packing: B(bulk), T(tapping & reel)

Sample: YTSC5D18-100M-T=5D18-10µH±20%-TAPE



  • Available in magnetically shielded
  • Low DC resistance
  • Suitable for large currents
  • Ideal for a variety of DC-DC converter inductor applications
  • Available on tape and reel for auto surface mounting



  • Power supply for VTRs
  • OA equipment
  • LCD televisions
  • Notebook PCS
  • Portable communication equipment
  • DC/DC converters, etc



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