EMI PC Beads

EMI PC Beads

Part No: YTBS

Size: 0810,1010,1310

Impedance: 65Ω-270Ω(Min)



  1. Product series
  2. Dimensions: Length Width
  3. Core type
  4. Core material & height
  5. Packing: BulkTapping & Reel

Sample: YTBS0810F06H-B#1-B=0810F06H-65Ω(3.81H)-BULK



  • Jumped wires are oxyge free, and high conductivity copper with 95/9 tin/lead coating.
  • Compact and high performace
  • Easy installation



  • The PC beads mainly used in  PC board of personal computers
  • microcomputers
  • relative devices to filter the EMI from the outside



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