High Frequency Chip Inductors

High Frequency Chip Inductors

Part No: YTLH

Size: 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805

L: 1.0nH-470nH



  1. Product series
  2. Dimensions: Length Width Thickness
  3. Inductance
  4. Tolerance: S:±0.3nH, J:±5%, K:±10%
  5. Packing: Bulk, Tapping & Reel
  6. Sample: YTBH100505-8N2S-T=0402-8.2nH±0.3H-TAPE



  • Excellent Q factor and SRF characteristics
  • Cost-effective
  • The small size of YTLH060303 / YTLH100505 is suitable for small portable equipment
  • Supports operating frequency bands up to 6GHz with nomial Inductance values from 1.0nH to 470nH(max)



    • RF resonance and impedance matching circuit
    • RF and wireless communication
    • Information technology equipment, computers, Telecommunications radar detectors, automotive electronics, cellular phones, pagers PDAs, keyless remote systems.
    • Use in L-C filter configurations



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