Miniature Mount Chip Inductors [YTQV]

Miniature Mount Chip Inductors [YTQV]

Part No: YTQV

Size: 1210, 1812

L: 0.10µH-10mH



  1. Product series
  2. Dimensions: Length Width Thickness
  3. Inductance
  4. Tolerance: J:±5%, K:±10%, M:±20%
  5. Packing: BulkTapping & Reel

Sample: YTQV322520-1R2M-T=1210-1.2µH±20%-TAPE



  • This miniature chip inductors wound on a special ferrite core
  • High Q value at high frequencies and low DC resistance
  • Wide inductance range
  • Excellent solder heat resistance, both flow and re-flow. Soldering methods can be employed.



  • Personal/Cordless phone
  • High Freq. Communication products
  • GPS (Global Position System)
  • Personal computers



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