Surface Mount Beads

Surface Mount Beads

Part No: YTBE

Size: 1612, 3018, 3412, 3422

Impedance: 24Ω-72Ω(Min)



  1. Product series
  2. Dimensions: Length Width Thickness
  3. Impedance
  4. Packing: BulkTapping & Reel

Sample: YTBF423216-2436-B=1612-24/36Ω-BULK



  • Special designs for surface mounting equipment, are available in various sizes which allow them to a wide range of application and usage
  • High resistance fights heat and humidity



  • For stereo
  • Car radio
  • Mobile telephone
  • VCRs
  • Computer Disk drive
  • PC board (to filter the EMI from the outside)



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